Save Joey

The most ridiculous money saving app you've ever heard of.


I ideated, and designed this product 100% through TikTok lives taking real-time feedback and adding features on the fly. It was the most insane feedback loop you could imagine. And what we came up with was something you'd be stupid to make yourself:

You keep a pet Dolpharoo alive by not overspending. You have a weekly budget based on your income & expenses, and every $ you spend lowers the water level in Joey's bowl. Keep your Joey alive and you get a new one. Overspend, and they go to the graveyard.

The more Joeys you keep alive, the more points you get to accessorize their bowl. And also, each Joey comes with a randomized accessory "GOTTA CATCH EM ALL" so it's like a Tamagotchi Budget Tracker. But it's life or death.

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