Vibe Check

A full-featured mental health tool.


It all started from a comment:

"Please make a mood tracker that you can share with your friends. Sometimes it's hard to ask for help"

Asking for help isn't just a negative "please pick me up" activity. You also want to be raised up when good things are happening. That's where I came up with the concept for Vibe Check.

The Idea

You log your mood daily, and then you can choose to share it with friends & family. Those people don't need to users of the app. It will send them a text saying "Nolan is feeling excited about work"

Then the comments came rolling in asking for more and more features. I added history logs with a journal feature, I added an affirmations section where you record yourself speaking and you are reminded to listen to it daily, and my personal favorite: anonymous support groups. Th anonymous support groups would be people that you don't know and can only see each other's first name. You can chat with them directly, but you can share moods with each other and then you can send pre-written words of encouragement based on the moods that each other are sending. It was rigid like this because we're dealing with people's emotions. If someone replies with the wrong message even if not on purpose, it could be impactful. But people who don't feel comfortable sharing their mood can do so anonymously knowing that someone out their in the world knows how you're feeling and has an opinion on it.

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