My current home: pivoting a startup that is evolving e-commerce with an easy to use "2nd layer" site builder. A lot can happen in 6 months.

Content in Context

I joined the Hovr team in September 2022 because I saw the value that re-using incredible social content on your website could be.

Hover was Hio, a live content product which pivoted to the idea of dropping content in interactive moments throughout the site journey.

Since I've joined, we've made some amazing progress by re-designing the entire admin panel and designing an incredibly easy-to-use on-site front-end editor.

Work Completed

Product Design, Prototyping, User Testing, User Persona Mapping, QA Testing, and Branding

It's all coming together

Anchors threw me in the fire

The first day on the job, I started designing the feature that was the focus of Hovr's pivot: Anchors.

How Anchors work:

  • Drop an icon
  • On hover, content is revealed
  • With videos, there's a larger view of the content.

Rushing to Context

Now, designing the feature that proceeded the fundraising round on day one stressed me out. With a pivot and a new person, there's context that I didn't have. There's also a backlog of design items that need to be refined while also still remaining true to the voice of the product so far.

By the end of the first month, we were through multiple rounds of user testing with Anchors and it was built out!

This is why you join a startup: to make an impact and feel that impact right away.

We've just launched!

After building out the Anchors and Triggers drag & drop flow, our big push was to build out the product as a self-service platform. We have multiple enterprise clients, but now we're released on Shopify for anyone to use without a hands on customer service approach.

Customization is 🔑

When I joined, the focus for Anchors were a small amoeba blob with the logo of the platform where the content was from. After going through multiple self-service user tests, we found that the biggest need and hesitation from customers was making the Anchors feel cohesive to their site.

The Customization panel was born

You can customize the size of the Anchor, the color of the blob, or change the shape from a blob to different types of circles. Then, you can customize the icon inside the Anchor. There's limitless possibilities on the customization and it became the big focus of self-service once I got the initial prototype together and we all realized how important the customization was and how much it solved the user problems we were encountering.

Oh, this is a highlight!

(hover on the title above please!)

Highlights started as an idea from my website actually! If you go to my home page, you can see these little interaction words that show a gif above the text on hover.

Well, now that's part of the Hovr patent! You can customize everything about the highlight, manipulate the font color, and even animate it!

There's still a lot to do and optimize, so let's see what happens with another 6 months 😉

Next Up