From rebrand, to redesign, product launches, to design systems all in preparation for Series A. My extended stay with a company that does good.

With atlasGO, I was the sole designer where I learned to navigate multiple stakeholder opinions by working across multiple teams, I built out and maintained a design system, and re-envisioned the product with a group of lovely people.

atlasGO is an employee engagement company that runs "challenges" for both general consumers and for employees of large corporations. You run, walk, and sweat while raising money for a charity.

In my time there, we launched VirtualRace.org, and expanded the activities from run/walk/bike, to a wellness platform that allows you to track anything from Yoga to cooking with your kids.

Work Completed

Re-Brand, Product-Redesign, Multiple New Product Lines Design & Branding, Product QA, Website Design & Development, Branding & Marketing Design System

Time working in atlasGO

2.5 years

$ Raised for Charity


Trees Planted


It all began with a Dashboard

Over the course of 2 years, I slowly redesigned every screen and experience in the app, but first I made a simple dashboard that ended up becoming a whole new product line for the company.

It started as a webpage that corporations could share with their teams to allow people to see their leaderboard position, the money that has been raised, and the live sweaty selfie feed. That dashboard grew into the beginnings of VirtualRace.org where companies and non-profits can use the platform to run their virtual race.

This was used in the Belgium Marathon!

Consistent visual identity through iconography & illustration

Switching from only logging walk/bike/run to unlimited activities was a complex process just from a UX perspective: what does timed activities look like vs distance vs single action activities like "donating blood".

But further than that, we had to make it an easy process to add new activities while making them feel like they've always been there. I created a visual pattern and a process to creating the activity icons while also creating 200 myself. There are now over 350 activities total.

Additionally, once we added multiple product lines, I managed to connect them through a similar and variant personality system.

The Design System

I think that design systems are so important for mid-sized startups. While most of the focus of design systems go towards larger-scale companies to let their product teams move faster, I saw first-hand how important having a shared visual language and brand is to an early-to-mid-sized startup.

I worked with the business development team, marketing team, and engineering team to plan, implement, and maintain a brand design system which was used daily by the team across all external content on social + marketing, and also in the in-app content of the challenges for companies and users.

As new features were added to the apps or were redesigned, I was able to maintain and improve the system to keep everyone running from the same thread.

The brand & product we built

The time I spent with atlasGO was some of the biggest process improvements I've been able to undergo. Managing so many differing opening from different stakeholders, clients, and their employees. Testing internally the process of design, to development handoff, to pre-launch QA. And growing as a product designer and UX designer was really refined while working with atlasGO. I'm so proud of all that I did while there but also proud of the impact that came from the product that I helped grow.

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